TotesReal Journalist Joins Huzzah News

Huzzah! The potentially greatest site ever, Huzzah News, has returned to the interwebs to due a supremely positive development, that development being the writer behind TotesRealNews arriving in the same prison which provides temporary inconvenience for Professor Huzzah.

This writer, who insists on maintaining anonymity, is not the author of this post unless I am not truly Professor Huzzah, but he shall be the writer of most subsequent posts. Perhaps all. His writing shall be great, and if it is not then he shall be fired which will result in immense boredom for this person who shall be here for a very long time.

The reason for his imprisonment is it turns out seeking out and contacting supernatural monsters for the sake of writing news articles is against the law, especially when contacting this monster resulted in multiple public figures, especially the president of the USA, being antagonized by this monster. He also impersonated this monster, the Babadook, when the Babadook proved to be out of reach, which is also illegal.

In summation, a writer who is even better at writing than the great Professor Huzzah is now here and writing for Huzzah News, and all should act festively and celebratory because of this development.

A huge hazzuh to those who don’t!



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