HuzzahNews used to be the non-famous news satire site TotesRealNews, but it has recently been taken over by Professor Huzzah, a gaming expert and former astronomy professor who has recently become an upward mobility enthusiast, but only for himself.

His enthusiasm for upward mobility has lead to temporary cessation of freedom for Professor Huzzah in the form of a 20 year prison sentence. The staff at the facility which houses Professor Huzzah has allowed him to pursue this project because “It is relatively harmless compared to other things he might be doing, and it will keep him busy enough that he will not be pestering the staff and fellow inmates all the time.”

The philosophy of HuzzahNews is that Professor Huzzah is always right, and established reality is just a guideline. Sometimes it is a guideline of what should be ignored.

Nevertheless, HuzzahNews is still more fundamentally honest than multiple sites which try to pass their stories off as real news.






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